Dredging Services

Dredging has in the past never been an option for clients due to the high costs of plant and personnel required for the operation. With the advancement of technology, this is becoming a feasible option for most clients within the marine and dam environments.

Katlantic offers dredging in both marine and inland environments. Our plant is both modular and mobile enabling us to mobilise a comprehensive mechanical dredging operation to local and remote areas. Katlantic dredging is offered on different scales to suit different client requirements ranging from medium-sized Trailer Hopper Suction Dredging down to a Diver Hand Held Dredging

Katlantic offers the following dredging resources:

  • Medium THSD
  • Cutter Suction
  • Long Reach Excavator
  • Dragflow® Pump
  • Diver Hand Held
  • Air Lift

Certifications and Affiliations

Companies and organisations we are affiliated to and hold certifications with

bureau veritas
bureau veritas

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